Brian O’Connell: Working to Finalize Affairs and Bring Peace of Mind

Brian M. O’Connell, Estate Litigation and Trust Lawyer

January 1, 2021

Working to Finalize Affairs and Bring Peace of Mind

Brian O’ Connell is a West Palm Beach Estate Litigation and Trust Lawyer. He is a partner in the firm O’Connell & Crispin Ackal, PLLC. Additionally, Brian O’Connell has been a partner in Ciklin Lubitz Martens and O’Connell for over three decades. Primarily, Brian O’Connell concentrates his practice on estate planning and administration, in addition to probate litigation. This Estate Litigation and Trust Lawyer provides services and representation for clients that are located throughout the Palm Beach area. Brian O’Connell has officially been certified as a specialist when it comes to wills, trusts, and estates. This certification was performed by the Board of Legal Specialization & Education of the Florida Bar.


Brian O’Connell is a Palm Beach Estate Litigation and Trust Lawyer who attended Florida State University to obtained his undergraduate education. He majored in government and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1976. He then ended up getting his law degree at the University of Florida College at Law, as it was named at the time. He holds a Master of Laws and a Juris Doctor from that school.


Brian O’Connell, Palm Beach Estate Litigation and Trust Lawyer, has done a great deal of work when it comes to finalizing affairs for people. He has regularly participated in the preparation and review of wills, as well as advanced medical directives, trusts that are both revocable and irrevocable, and financial and health care powers of attorney. He makes a habit of working closely with his clients so that he can understand exactly what their needs are, as well as the objectives that he can help them achieve. Additionally, Brian O’Connell works with trustees and helps them when it comes to meeting their fiduciary obligations. These obligations include distributions to and communications with beneficiaries, payments to creditors, and preparation of tax returns and other accounting documents.


In addition to the above, Brian O’Connell has a great deal of probate litigation experience. He has worked a great deal with will challenges that are based on fraud, lack of capacity, and undue influence. He has represented both fiduciaries and heirs when it comes to claims of executor misconduct. Brian O’Connell has worked on guardianships as well, in addition to other kinds of complex civil litigation. He has a very successful track record when it comes to professional endeavors, which has earned him a lot of respect and recognition from other people in his field. This includes an AV Preeminent peer review rating that was done through Martindale-Hubbell. Brian O’Connell has dealt with obstacles in his career as well.


Brian O’Connell, Estate Litigation and Trust lawyer, has achieved a great deal of distinction in his field. He has received a significant amount of recognition from other attorneys, and he has a history of many satisfied clients. The individuals who have worked with him know that he is going to do his best for them in order to help them deal with painful transitions when it comes to losing family members. Brian O’Connell helps them deal with the paperwork so that they will be able to focus on the emotional aspects of the loss.